Hands Up!! This is the Moral Police…


After coming to Kerala i have witnessed many an occasions of the ever so talked about “Moral Policing”. Which might give out an impression of a bunch of people protecting an ideal society where all things are in place. Where all relations are maintained with reverence. But if you look under the covers you would see a society with is full of sexually repressed people who are ready to harass/assault women at the drop of a hat!

I remember sometime back in 2010 when I was working with a consulting firm and was staying in a PG nearby. At one evening when I was returning from work I saw a few people talking very loudly in a house near by. At first it seemed like some kind of a meeting but then when I saw them hold a man from his collar and talk in crass way, I sensed something wrong and just ran into my PG. There our landlady told us some association (don’t know what it was) members were tipped that the new tenants in that house are in fact involved in sex trafficking. Later only it was revealed that they were newly weds and dint have much contact in the locality as they moved from somewhere in North India. The couple shifted to another place soon after the incident. Now comes the funny part, the guy who we was assaulting the tenant that evening is someone we see often in the locality visiting a lady in late evening hours and leaving in wee hours of morning. Apparently he was having an extra marital affair with that lady, who herself is married. This of course dint stop him from being the moral police to harass innocent people.

This is however only one such example. There are plenty of cases being reported in news papers and a lot more which are swept under the carpet. Although am citing the example of Kerala it may be there in other states too, but frankly I have witnessed this moral policing only here.

Every other person you would meet will be part of MPD (Moral Police Dumb-asses). But are they pure themselves??

Hell No.

The people here are living two lives, one where they pretend to be guardians of Kerala’s culture and the other is their true self, which is sexually suppressed, selfish, narrow minded and tuned by money/muscle power. They don’t miss any chance to cup a feel of any girl they can get close to, be it a shop, road or a moving bus!! If you are a girl who has traveled in KSRTC buses in peak hours you would know what I mean by this. The girls are harasses in every possible way, by the stares, by indecent comments, by unsolicited touch. The reason I shifted to a PG instead of traveling to-n-fro from my home which is not too far from my work place was one such (actually a few) incident. One evening while coming back from work I had to board a stuffed bus, since it was getting late in evening I dint wanted to wait for the next. After a while I felt someone’s hand moving over my back side when I looked around every man standing there was giving me a dirty smile. I just moved a little away from there. But those sick bas**ds followed. Luckily I got a seat, but it was next to the aisle itself. That sick bas**d stood next to me rubbing himself against my shoulder and every time I asked him to move away he would say its too crowded and every one around would just take it lightly. Those 45mins in that bus that day were the worst I could imagine. The silence of my co-passangers or rather their ignorance was enough encouragement for him. At one point of time he just unzipped himself and rubbed himself again. Since no one was helping I thought of doing something. I took the umbrella of the girl sitting next to me and hit him with all my strength right there. He screamed in pain. Every one started to ask what happened. May be it was what I did that made some ladies to get up and protest. They made the bus stop and that guy was asked to get down immediately. I cant tell you how many times I washed myself trying to scrub away the feeling. Over a period of time I was back to normal. But immediately moved to a PG near my work place to avoid travel.

Where was this so called moral police then? Why dint anyone come to my help? Would you let it happen this to your own sister? These are questions no one can answer. There are some people out there who are worse than the villains one has grown up watching on television. They will sneak up on you and you wouldn’t even know.

Don’t give-in in such situations. Protest. Even if you are alone to do so. Its your virtue. They have no right on earth to make you feel miserable.

I just wish someday they would realize that the Kerala culture they keep mentioning to harass people is long dead by their own hands.


Author: meetanair

I am just ME.. With my very own idiosyncrasy, I am a regular girl-next-door who voices (in this case just type :P) her opinion freely.

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