The Bridges of Madison County <3

Okay now, some may like it some may not, but I, I just love it!


Yes some say its full of cliches, the silent dinner table, the caring but inexpressive husband, the teenage kids involved in their own lives, a middle aged women who still cherishes the dreams she had as a teenager, a stranger with engrossing looks and masculine but gentle personality. All this aside, I still love the movie.

Clint Eastwood ( I just love him <3) , as Robert Kincaid, a Nat-Geo photographer, a globetrotter, with oh so manly yet quiet persona. He is one of the most creative directors in Hollywood and by casting himself as Robert in this movie he had a huge task on his hands, as most people would always associate him with his cowboy and cop roles. This movie portrayed a different side of Clint for me. He was in his matter, the very manly, adventurous and free spirited, yet very gentle, and sensuous. He was sweet, smiling, gentle, and a man who knows how to treat a women. He’s the most gorgeous lead you can see at the age of 60!!


Meryl Streep, another of my favorites, had portrayed Francesca better than any other would have. She played an Italian women who moved to America with her husband, When stranger asks for direction to a bridge she simply accompanies him there, not knowing that they would fall passionately in love with each other. She may not have the best of Italian accent but her expressions were immaculate. That’s what lifted the character so high. Oh! the scene when she drives away from Robert, I cry every single time


Well, I may be biased, being a big fan of Clint Eastwood, but there is no denying that not only he acted really well he also directed the movie with elan.  He and his team has done an exceptional job with the lighting in the film. The scenes involving Robert (Clint) and Francesca (Meryl) have had beautiful play of light and shadow.


What makes them stand out in my memory is not the big gestures, the kissing or the frolic, but it is the many subtle moments. How her kind of music is not enjoyed by others. How there is no conversation on the dinner table. How she almost smiles to herself, feeling happy, when Robert walks to his truck to grab beer. How his hand just brushes against her while washing, the first touch. Their, casual even banal conversation, full of desire. How she leaves her hand on his shoulder after adjusting his collar, while talking on the phone. How in the diner another women on the town is boycotted because she had an affair with a married man, showing the societal aspect of that era.


Call me a romantic, but these little nuances are what makes this movie so memorable for me. No matter how much you scrutinize this movie at the end romance is the only thing that lingers in your memory.

My favorite part (apart from every other scene with Clint in it. Wait. That’s almost the entire movie 😛 ), would be the one, where Robert stands in rain with a devastated look on his face while Francesca drives away evidently shaken and in tears. That is the most passionate scene of the movie, knowing that both are meant for each other and yet choosing a life without each other. Its not like young love that is reckless, but its mature love that comes with self awareness.

I do not remember much about the part with her kids, maybe because it all seemed too artificial.

I have cried every single I’ve watched this movie, and can’t seem to forget the face of Clint Eastwood at the end. weep weep 😥


I love the movie and every time I watch it, the nuances take me for a ride 🙂

I’ll quote another article here:

“The Bridges of Madison County” is about two people who find the promise of perfect personal happiness, and understand, with sadness and acceptance, that the most important things in life are not always about making yourself happy.


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