Good Bye


Yesterday was a sad day for us, my cousin lost her battle against cancer and breathed her last. She was 34 years old, a daughter to a very loving and affectionate mother, a sister, a dedicated wife, an amazing mother to two handsome and very smart boys.  She was a dancer, a ward councilor and had a very active social life. Entire neighborhood poured over to pay their homage to her. It was something everyone dreaded but none was prepared for. It was just a shock to all of us. To see her beautiful body transform in to just skin and bones, to see her her voluptuous long black locks gone was distressing. Yes, she is free from all the pain and suffering of the treatment. But the void caused by her absence will never be filled in. Every one said they have to move on, and as hard as it looks now eventually they will move on. Time does that for you, it doesn’t heal the wound but it does attenuate the prick of the wound. Everyone loved her dearly and will always miss her. Her place is such which will not be substituted by anyone. I just hope her soul rests in peace and that she find her happy place sooner.