Where are the kids safe??

Just read about a shocking incident in Bangalore, a six year old girl raped by her teacher and another man, her ‘Teacher’ for crying out loud!!

What is wrong with people? Cant keep it their pants? She is a kid! A little kid! Six years old for God’s sake! What does she know, huh? And that sick monster scarred her for life! These SOBs should be castrated in public! There can be no less a punishment for them.

I mean,think how sick and filthy do you have to be do such a thing! To a kid! What makes it worse? The fact that this isn’t the first incident in the school! There have been few more reported incidents which were obviously hushed or brushed under the rug, and am guessing many more unreported incidents. The school is making the parents sign some indemnity form which frees them from any responsibility towards the safety of the students.

If not the school authorities or teachers who else should be held responsible for the safety of the kids, while they are on campus? How can it be even legal? They said the teachers are outsourced and hence the role of the school is unclear. What does that even mean? Just because you hired an agency does not mean you don’t have to take care of your students, does it? What if the child was yours? Would you still have the same stand? Wouldn’t you just rip the head off that man?

I can not imagine the plight of the parents who send their wards to such prestigious schools in hopes of getting them a higher and brighter future. The kind of fear they would live in with these incidents making news every other day.

The school was the most safe place for me when I was a kid, and I know for a fact that my parents never had to worry till the time I was there. But now, when I hear all this going around, I have second thoughts about bringing a child in this world.

Where are they safe??


Author: meetanair

I am just ME.. With my very own idiosyncrasy, I am a regular girl-next-door who voices (in this case just type :P) her opinion freely.

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