I’m That Girl!


You see her fighting with her umbrella in the rain; laughing at how stubborn its being.

You see the child in her trying to catch raindrops in her hand.

You see her curse the rain when she is stuck in her commute to work.

You see her drive her scooter ever so slowly to get drenched to the bones in rain.

I’m that girl!

You see her face buried in a book, oblivious of the world around her.

You see her shed silent tears as she reads something touching.

You see her look up from what she is reading and gaze out to the horizon deep in thoughts.

You see her happy smile as she draws in the smell of a new book.

I’m that ¬†girl!

You see her bobbing her head to music on a train ride.

You see her humming along a song;staring out the window.

You see a smile stretch out at her lips when a familiar song is played in the bus.

You see her lost in her music with her eyes closed; only serenity on her face.

I’m that girl!

You see her running to catch a bus: cursing under her breath for missing it.

You see her arguing with an auto driver over the meter reading.

You see her walking in the sun; squinting in the sunlight yet not using the umbrella in her hand as shade.

You see her sitting quietly at the bus stop; making stories about strangers in her mind.

I’m that girl!

You see her trying to strike a balance between work and home.

You see her rushing from work to welcome guests at home.

You see her double checking everything before she leaves home and yet forgetting something or the other.

You see her lounging with her feet up just because it’s Sunday

I’m that girl!

You see her be over dramatic with old friends.

You see her being indifferent with people she isn’t a fan of.

You see her smiling a lot while she tries to figure who the person actually is.

You see her meet up with distant relatives she doesn’t talk to, as long lost friends.

I’m that girl!

You see her complaining about her mom talking for hours at the phone with her.

You see her miss those long phone calls every day.

You see her smiling at old photos, reminiscing about the good times.

You see her quoting F.R.I.E.N.D.S in casual conversations.

I’m that girl!